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Melanotan 2

An Brief Introduction To Melanotan

The use of Melanotan has increased in the recent years. It is the subject of wide media coverage across the globe and is mainly being produced for the prevention of skin cancer in humans. Research is still being conducted on the product and findings are inconclusive.  There are two types of Melanotan in the market today and they are Melanotan I and Melanotan II. Both are targeted to give people natural skin tans without prolonged exposure to harmful rays of the sun. Both are still under research. They are slightly different from one another when it comes to the effects in the human body. Melanotan, in addition to enhancing the natural skin tan in the body also enhances sexual performance and suppresses appetite to some extent.

Melanotan And The Market Today

Both Melanotan and Melanotan II are peptides and synthetic hormones. They are generally injected into the human body in the right doses for the desired effects. This results in natural skin tanning in an individual without exposure to the sun. The market for beauty and cosmetics is a vast one and despite warnings by the Government against sunbathing for hours people are not paying heed to the risks of skin cancer and go to any extreme to look good. Till date Melanotan is not a licensed product as research is still in progress. Unfortunately many will have to wait for this wonder product to come out in the market, as there is no evidence acquired to whether it has any long term health risks as yet. If the findings are safe without long term side effects this peptide can go a very long way to curb skin cancer in users in the long run.

Melanotan And Its Effects

There are some individuals that get hold of this peptide and use it illicitly for skin tanning. They have reported a gradual tan all over the body in just a few days. There are some individuals that use this product with sun baths believing that a combination of the two will provide better effects. There are reports by users that Melanotan also suppresses the appetite in a person to a very small extent. This makes the product a natural choice for participants in body building competitions. They can get the desired tan before any major event.  This is good news for people undergoing diets and conscious of what they eat. There is also an effect of enhanced libido and sexual performance when taken by the user.

Does Melanotan 2 Have Any Side Effects?

There are some notable side effects of Melanotan. The common side effects recorded cover headaches, irritation, dizziness, skin flushing and irritation. The most common side effect witnessed by people after taking a few doses of the injection is nausea. The long term implication of melanotan on health has not been found till date. Till further evidence that this peptide is safe some agencies are advising people not to use it till evidence is established that this product is safe and has no long term side effects. 

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